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For Each Other

COVID-19 is changing the landscape of our country. Christians and churches are not immune from the necessity of adaptation. What should we keep in mind as we try to respond faithfully?

All Things New

It’s that time again! The beginning of the year has us thinking about change. How do we let God direct our change and how do we work with God to change the world?

How to Listen to Music

How do we, as Christians, listen to music? Are we allowed to listen to ‘non-Christian’ music? Come join the conversation!

Angry Christians

Anger is one of those emotions that terrifies us. It invades us with unique strength and energy, an energy that overwhelms our senses and engulfs our self-control. We end up doing things that we never imagined we could do, saying things we never thought we could utter. Anger is an emotion of power. Unchecked, it…


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