An Emotional Journey

Happy 2019 everyone! 2018 was a big year for me. I graduated, started two new jobs, got engaged, and officiated my brother’s wedding. Those were all wonderful moments, but 2018 had plenty of lows. Each one of those highs was accompanied with its fair share of stress. And I expect nothing different in 2019. ThereContinue reading “An Emotional Journey”

A Two Way Street, Part 4

In the last three posts, we talked about ways that we connect to God. But all relationships require communication, all relationships are a two-way street. If we connect with God through spiritual disciplines, how does he connect to us? The Holy Spirit. God has placed part of Himself inside of us. The Holy Spirit isContinue reading “A Two Way Street, Part 4”

A Two Way Street, Part 3

Today’s post is our last discussion of spiritual disciplines. We will be discussing inward disciplines. These are probably the most recognized spiritual disciplines. The inward disciplines function between you and God. They are ways to connect you directly to God. But their jobs are not designed to stop there. Interactions with God should change us,Continue reading “A Two Way Street, Part 3”